About Ewen and His Instruments

Ewen studied at the Newark School of Violin Making, where he was taught by makers such as Paul Bowers, Rowan Armour Brown and Glen Collins.  He has now been making high quality violins and violas, based on the old Italian instruments, for over twenty years.

The instruments are made in his workshop at Channerwick, Shetland.  Amongst musicians playing Ewen's Instruments are a number of world-class folk musicians, including Megan Henderson of Braebach; Shetlander's Chris Stout, Kevin Henderson and Andrew Gifford, of Fiddler's Bid, Bryan Gear and Ross Couper of Peatbog Faeries; and Irish musician's including Manus McGuire (see also Brock McGuire Band).  His instruments are also played by a number of professional orchestral musicians in the UK.

National Museums Scotland commissioned a violin from Ewen, for their new gallery dedicated to performance traditions from across the world. Previous commissions include the Mendelson in Mull Trust and the Royal Northern College of Music. 

If you are interested in one of Ewen's instruments, please contact him by 'phone or email.

Ewen is a musician himself, playing fiddle in Shetland band Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag and Haltadans.

Above: Fiddler's Bid, from Shetland.  Photo courtesy of Atlantic Edge Music Services.   

Above: A previous Shetland Young Fiddler of the Year, Kaela Jamieson.

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